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Personalised learning and support plans

Personalised learning and support plans (PLSPs) is underpinned by evidence of the following four key elements or areas of activity:

  • the assessed individual education needs of the student
  • the provision of adjustments or support to meet the student's assessed needs
  • monitoring and review of the impact of the adjustments or support being provided for the student
  • consultation and collaboration – of teachers with parents, support staff and other professionals where required
  • consultation and collaboration.

Teachers and school staff work collaboratively to identify and respond to the additional learning and support needs of students. This includes consultation and collaborative planning between school staff and students and their parents or carers, as well as collaborative planning between teachers, support staff and specialist staff - within and outside education where needed - to address individual student needs.

To develop the best possible program for your child, we invite all parents, carers and relevant professionals to attend planning meetings held at the beginning of the year. At these meetings parents and teachers discuss the child's program, set priorities, determine the program outcomes to target for the next six months, and decide how best to work together with the student to achieve these goals.

For more information please visit the NSW Department of Education website.