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Technology plays an important role at Willans Hill School. It is used for both communication and learning purposes. Every student uses multiple electronic devices each day. All classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard, four iPads and at least two desktop computers. Every year 9 to 12 student also has their own personal laptop.

Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are used in every class every day. Students are able to complete a range of activities across all KLAs. There are many ways interactive whiteboards are used at Willans Hill School. For example, Interactive whiteboards can be used to record ideas and answers for Guided Reading or sentences for Predictable Chart Writing. They can also be used to play a range of alphabet and mathematics games or to watch videos about certain topics for science and HSIE.


Each iPad has the communication app, Proloquo2go, installed. Teachers are required to have an iPad on them while on duty so that Proloquo2go is easily accessible to every student. IPads can be used a "pencil" for students to write with using apps such as Proloquo2go, Word Wizard and Magnetic letters. IPads are also used for a range of educational purposes. They can act as tools to support student learning.

Computers and laptops

Computers are mainly used as a tool for writing. Programs such as Co-writer and Clicker 5 are used in some classes to assist students with their writing. Computers can be used to access websites for self-selected reading. Some of our students' favourite websites are sunshineonline.com.au and tarheelreader.org.

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